Lara & Gordon, a beautiful couple from Zimbabwe, contacted me earlier in the year to see if I was available to do the makeup for their wedding. It’s hard to imagine, but the minute I spoke to Lara on the phone, I knew that she was a fun, down-to-earth, carefree person and I immediately said yes to doing the wedding in ZIMBABWE! I was particularly excited to be doing this wedding, but also there was a touch of anxiousness, because I was travelling with my makeup kit and also not having trialed the bride, I was particularly nervous about what to take. The airline had a weight restriction of 7kgs and my entire kit weight is 35kg. After a brief phone call to Lara about skin tones for bridesmaids and colours of dresses, I had to bite the bullet and make a logical decision about what to bring. From the minute we arrived in Zimbabwe we were welcomed with big smiles and warm hugs and we felt so relaxed, as if we had known the wedding couple and bridal party for ages. The entire weekend was filled with laughter, humour, lots of smiles and so much love. Lara and Gordon were so relaxed and we were able to just blend in. It was such a blessing to be able to be there and witness those tiny moments that will be looked back on and remembered for many years to come. Being invited to the wedding the day before, much to my surprise as I wasn’t prepared with something to wear, “Just put on a frock,” were Lara’s words exactly and so I did. Lara looked absolutely stunning and Gordon could not take his eyes off her, she was just exquisite and even though she cried her eyes out, her words to me were that her makeup still looked perfect! As a makeup artist, that was music to my ears! My husband and I were looking forward to celebrating with this beautiful couple as everything leading up to the wedding celebration was so easy-going and more fun that we had anticipated. During the days leading up to the wedding we also instantly gravitated to the photographer Marsel and her “assistant” Pierre, as we suppliers tend to do, and I am so happy to say they they too have become really valuable people in our lives. It just goes to show that if you say yes to things you wouldn’t ordinarily take a chance on, good things come out of the unexpected. I never expected to make 4 great friends out of this wedding, yet it is a friendship that I know will last a lifetime and I am so grateful for this experience. On another exciting note, Lara and Gordon Are now expecting a baby boy and we couldn’t be more excited to meet him and make many more memories with them and their now expanding family.

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