When you are planning your wedding day, one of the things you are hoping for is the perfect weather. Every time I go out to a wedding venue, I look up at the sky and check if it’s going to rain, I say a little prayer and ask for a good day for the bride and groom. But though we hope and pray, some wedding days are inevitably going to be rainy as I’ve seen many times in my many years of doing weddings. I have done hair and makeup on many rainy wedding days and though it’s not always the bride and grooms ideal scenario, the wedding and the pictures always turn out to be the best. While a rainy forecast might have stressed some brides and grooms, Melissa and Michael were so calm at their Toadbury Hall wedding. Melissa looked absolutely breath-taking and you can just see how happy she was to be marrying the man of her dreams. Regardless of the storm any wedding day to me is beautiful, so much thought and emotion goes into one day, how could it not be everything you’ve ever wanted?


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