There is no reason why the mother of the bride can’t look great on her daughter’s wedding day too! I work on mothers almost every week and most moms absolutely love having their makeup done and being part of their daughter’s wedding beauty preparations. I always tell my mother of the brides who are a bit skeptical of having their makeup done that although everyone’s eyes are on the bride most of the day, people notice the mother of the bride as well.  It’s a fact. Mothers are often the last ones to sit down before the ceremony begins and are always the ones everyone rushes to after the ceremony to congratulate, so the mother of the bride always gets noticed. When it comes to makeup on mature skin, the rule is ‘less is more.’ Now a days women over 50 take care of their skin in 2015 far better than before and I often meet mom’s now who can rock a Smokey eye and a more dramatic look.  It’s all in how you balance the features and enhance their natural beauty though. The bride is always going to be the star of the wedding, but it is also a big day for the mother of the bride , so ladies remember to include your moms and make her feel special on your wedding day too.

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