My Makeup artistry career started 11 years ago and I absolutely love what I do. It was just the best thing to be asked by my brother and his fiance’ (now wife) to do her hair and makeup for their wedding day. I am 100% in this career because it’s not just my job, It’s something that I absolutely love to do and it has so become part of me. It is a glowing passion that I have and it means even more when someone I love makes use of my services. It is the biggest compliment to me in more ways than one. In saying this, I have to laugh because looking back on Ryan and Lande’s wedding day, I can’t help but remember how nervous I was doing Yolande’s hair and makeup. Like I said, I have been doing hair and makeup for almost 11 years now and I feel like I was the most nervous I have ever been. I have done makeup for models, actresses, Miss South Africa contestants and never ever felt as nervous as what I did on this particular day. After thinking about it long and hard I realised why. It is because these two people mean the absolute world to me. When I look at the relationship I have with my brother, it is one that is hard to put into words, but I am definitely going to try, because when else will I get the opportunity?

Even when I shake my head, sigh, and laugh at you, I’m still proud. Nobody can ever say a bad thing about you to me. You led the way and protected us (me & Ke). You worked hard and made something amazing out of your life. You have always been the person that would find out when I did something wrong—and yes you’d be upset with me, but you’d always help. You have made my life harder in some ways, but so much more amazing in many others. You taught me that life is meant for fun, not worrying. You, through a lot of teasing, taught me that crying over little things is silly. You are so protective that you make me mad, but it is good to know someone cares. You have found a friend in the man that I love and love him like a brother. You are the best uncle to little Luke and I know he will learn a lot from you.

I knew my brother had to marry someone special: someone that would reconstruct (she is an architect) his flaws and complement his strengths. I didn’t think this girl existed. From the first time I met you Yolande, I knew that you were the girl my brother would marry. I have never seen him light up the way he does when you are around. Anyone and everyone could tell that what you have is real, genuine, and true.

And so, I hope this was the happiest day you have ever had, and I hope it can be a wonderful memory.

Ryan, I hope that you love your new work adventure and the opportunities it brings for you. I hope that you can let go of anything that makes you unhappy. I hope you know that we care so much for you and Yolande. I hope you work harder in love than at anything you have in your life…and anyone that knows you knows that you work even harder than you play (and you play a lot).

I am so happy for you both.

Lots of Love


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