There are so many aspects people should know about becoming a makeup artist. I will never forget being at college, and thinking that after I was done that I would automatically be this “professional makeup artist”, as they say. Now days there are so many people trying to be makeup artists, the industry is very competitive and so saturated. Every person I come across is now seemingly a makeup artist.

Preparing meals and being good at cooking a meal does not automatically convert you into a Chef. The same applies to makeup. Being great at applying makeup on yourself and being a cosmetic junkie does not automatically convert you into a Makeup Artist aka: “MUA”.

I am definitely not claiming to be at the top of my makeup artistry career, however I am just about 8 years in to it, so I can at least share my experiences with you.


While I do think that training in every field is a great idea, it teaches you the fundamentals, rules and principals of your craft. It is important to start somewhere and a good makeup institute would be a fine idea if you were wondering where to begin. I do however know some remarkable artists who are self-taught, if you have the skill you may not necessarily need a course but by now you know my thoughts on people that ‘call themselves’ makeup artists.


You need the tools to progress! It takes time (and money) to build up your makeup kit to a certain standard. As a professional artist you want your kit to reflect your makeup.


Testing is all about building up your professional portfolio.  To get jobs, you need proof of your work and what you can do. This is your portfolio. When you haven’t had much experience, the best way to build up your collection of images is to do ‘testing’. Testing is when a bunch of creative people all get together and create a photo shoot – all working for free, and you all get the same thing out of it – pictures for your book.


Hopefully by testing, you will get a selection of images that you can put into your portfolio, aka a range of your best work, and it should show off as many of your skills and techniques as possible. It should also reflect you as an artist and where you want to go. If you want to work in fashion, don’t have a portfolio full of bridal images.


Assisting is not for everyone but gives you a great experience into what you should be aiming for as a professional makeup artist.


It’s easy and useful to set up different pages to promote your services. Facebook, twitter and Instagram are good platforms to show off your work.

Being a makeup artist:

It definitely takes a few years to build up constant work, but everyone is different. You will probably also be drawn to one aspect of the industry. Being self-employed can be very rewarding, but you need to have a lot of motivation. It is far from easy, but if you have a passion and skill then just keep going, the success will come!

I hope this was helpful to all the aspiring makeup artists out there. It is not easy, like any career. Just Keep Swimming.

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