This wedding at Avianto was so special to me because the bride is my sisters best friend and my sister was one of her bridesmaids.

Irene has been a part of our lives since before I can remember and it was so wonderful to be there through all the beautiful moments while she prepared for her big day.

So many of my best memories include Irene and my sisters best years of friendship – sleepovers, trips to the beach, so many inside jokes and laughs that lasted for days and a true bond that no-one could deny.

It was extremely easy to have Irene around and it always felt as if she was part of our family and on her wedding day I felt very proud to share this day with her and my sister as they stood by each other the same way that they have throughout their journey together as friends.

My wish for you Ireney is this: May you find in Jason and your marriage the calm that you have been seeking without the boundaries that you have feared. May you never take for granted the fantasticness of new beginnings and may you find in each other the reason to be better at being yourselves.

We love you very much Ireney!

May you live forever in love and may love live forever in you both!

Brandi Hill Photography:

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