Vows said in the middle of a forest surrounded by friends, family and wild animals. This is what Taryn and Kyle had envisioned for their perfect day! And what a perfect day it was. When I arrived to do Taryn’s hair and makeup on her wedding day it was such a relaxed atmosphere. You could hear the wonderful sounds of the bush, birds and insects in the surroundings. It was a beautiful day and the sun was out in full force with one large cloud overhead. One cloud which Taryn kept wishing would go away. The day went so quickly and before we knew it it was time for Taryn to get into her dress. Just before this happened an elephant came to drink some water in the nearby river that the bridal suite over looked. Elephants are viewed as a sign of luck in some cultures. It was definitely a highlight to see such a magnificent animal so close up. Taryn looked absolutely stunning, her dress was so unique and completely fitted to her personality. For her hair she chose to do an up style for the ceremony and take it down later for the reception, which definitely created a wow factor. Taryn had such a relaxed demeanour throughout the day and I could just tell that she was excited to see Kyle. This wedding spoke of sophistication, class and romance and was definitely one to remember.


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