Airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup – Which is better? This is a question I get asked a lot and on that I would just like to clarify because now a days when people call or email me, the first question that they ask is, “do you do airbrush makeup?” It comes as no surprise to me really when you take into account that there has been a very big hype around airbrush makeup and the fact that some makeup artists lead you to believe that it’s the best thing ever, when its really just another way of applying foundation to the face. There are so many overstated facts about airbrush makeup, so just to clarify them; I’ve put together a bunch of questions with answers so that you can decide about airbrushing for yourself.

  • Is airbrush makeup better than traditional foundation?

NO, airbrush makeup is just another way of applying foundation to the face. Great makeup is what it is! GREAT MAKEUP! Both techniques are just as good and both have their pros and cons.

  • What is airbrush makeup?

Airbrush makeup is makeup that is applied using an airbrush gun and is powered by an airbrush compressor. It is used a lot for TV and HD videos. It will make a difference to an HD video if you use airbrush makeup as apposed to normal foundation. With an airbrush, you are spraying the makeup onto the skin rather than using a brush, sponge or your fingers, which can sometimes leave marks that an HD camera would pick up, but other than through an HD screen, you should not see the difference between either of the applications.

  • I want to look flawless for my wedding day, should I do airbrush makeup?

If you want to look flawless on your wedding day, hire the best makeup artist that you can find and let them assess your skin and decide which method is the most appropriate according to your skin type, texture and needs.

  • Airbrush makeup makes you look younger, is this true?

This statement is undeniably FALSE!! The formulation and techniques that your makeup artist uses might hide your imperfections and make you look your best but airbrush makeup will not remove your lines and wrinkles. Airbrush makeup is not Photoshop, its only makeup!

Airbrush Makeup vs. Traditional Makeup

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