Here are my 7 helpful makeup tips to look your very best on your wedding day.

  1. Wear a button down shirt to make sure that you don’t undo your hair or smudge your beautiful makeup when you are changing into your dress.
  2. To me, your SKIN is the most important thing on your wedding day. Start prepping your skin at least 2 months before. Revitalise, hydrate, exfoliate, moisturise and DRINK lots of WATER.  Do not change your routine too drastically, but do make an effort with your skin before your special day.
  3. This is a question I get asked all the time – Please, please, please AVOID any treatments leading up to the day of the wedding that may not agree with your skin – facials, waxing, or any new products. If you are considering a special skin care treatment, please have it done no sooner than 5 weeks prior to the wedding day.
  4. I know that everybody feels better with a tan, however please do not over-do the tanning. Too much sun can look unnatural in photos. The same goes for spray tans. Your bachelorette party is a great opportunity to test a spray tan before your big day.
  5. Watch your sodium intake the week before. Avoid salty foods (sauces, dressings, meats). You will feel lighter, less puffy and more radiant.
  6. Ask your makeup artist for a touch-up kit. Touch-ups will be necessary, and your makeup artist isn’t likely to be around during the photos to help you out. You will want to touch up your lips, cheeks and have access to some powder to get you through the day shine-free.
  7. Crying is inevitable on your wedding day, so tuck a few tissues into your touch-up bag. Blot the corners of your eyes (Dab don’t wipe!) and be careful not to undo what the makeup artist has done.
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