Mongena Lodge| Kristin & Robin

Mongena Lodge | Kristin & Robin

Mongena Lodge offers an extraordinary setting for a romantic wedding ceremony with a difference. Joined by a gathering of close family and cherished friends, Kristin and Robin celebrated the start of the rest of their lives together at this beautiful venue. A very warm Saturday afternoon called for plenty of powder and setting spray in the makeup department, but with a venue surrounded by such beauty, magnificent animals and spectacular scenery, who could complain about the heat. Kristin was extremely relaxed on her wedding day and trusted me completely to do her makeup without having had a preview before hand. This was just one of those weddings where everything just worked from the word ‘go’. Laughter and giggles from the bridesmaids filled the air and made an already beautiful environment just that much more beautiful. Kristin, you made an exquisite bride!

  Mongena Lodge| Kristin & Robin Mongena Lodge| Kristin & RobinMongena Lodge| Kristin & Robin

Mongena Lodge | Kristin & RobinNicole