Makeup artist and hairstylist on your wedding day.

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A Makeup Artist is someone who by definition applies cosmetics techniques and processes to enhance a person’s appearance, bringing out their features and smoothing out their flaws to create beauty.

If I look at all the lists on the internet about wedding timelines and when to hire vendors for your wedding day, the lists usually go as follows:

Wedding planner, Wedding Venue, Photographer, Videographer, DJ, Cake, Flowers, Caterer and then right on the bottom of the list it usually says… Makeup artist and hair stylist.

While the above list is SO important, why is it that people always either leave makeup and hair to the last minute or don’t do it at all?

Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist and hairstylist may not be something everyone thinks of when searching for wedding vendors and my question is, WHY NOT? Why would you not want to look your absolute best on the day that means the most to you? Should you not pay money to a professional that knows what they are doing in order to make you look amazing? Does it make sense to invest in an amazing photographer and not make sure that the person you are using for makeup or hair knew what they were doing? You are going to look at your wedding pictures for the rest of your life and one day show your grandchildren, but you are willing to leave one of the most important services (in my opinion) out because of cost constraints?

I lay in bed and think about this a lot. It’s one of the things that keeps me up at night. Please help me understand, my mind baffles… or is it just naivety?

Yes, you can get an amazing photographer to capture your beautiful moments (by the way a good photographer is an absolute must), but what good does that do if you get the pictures back and don’t like the way your hair was done or the way your makeup was because of an inexperienced/ fly-by-night makeup artist or a friend that knows NOTHING about hair but she’s great at following a YouTube tutorial? What good does it do having pictures so photo shopped that you don’t even recognize yourself? Or worse, paying a great photographer for pictures you won’t show anyone because of how your makeup and hair looked on the day?

In my experience as a makeup artist and hair stylist, I feel that in most instances we are often given a bad name. If I speak to my clients, somewhere along the line they have had a bad experience with someone that has done their hair, makeup or lashes in the past. Someone that has taken them for a ride or professed that they could do something, when they actually couldn’t. This is extremely frustrating for me as I have worked hard to get to where I am today, just because someone charges less, it doesn’t mean that they are in ANY WAY comparable.

It is so important that you do research, get testimonials, look at websites and social media of actual work. You will know whether the artist is good or not by the amount of work they are doing and the quality of work that they are putting up.

Below I’ve listed some important reasons why a good, and I stress a Good makeup artist/hairstylist is vital for ANY major occasion in your life.

A professional will be able to have a look at your skin, analyze it, make sure that you are using the correct products and make suggestions that will improve your skin to make you look and feel flawless. She will design a treatment plan and give you good suggestions as to how you go about looking after your skin prior to your event as well as discuss the details of your wedding down to the colour of your dress (because yes, this absolutely makes a difference as to how your makeup and hair will be done on the day.)

This is why I insist on a Preview appointment because it is, in essence an ACTUAL PREVIEW of how you are going to look on your day! And no, I’m not trying to be fancy by calling it a “preview” – it is what it is. No more are the days where you go to someone for a “TRIAL”. A trial implies that you are testing out their services and by definition: “testing (something, especially a new product) to assess its suitability or performance.”

A professional will design a customized look for your day using all the above information which not only gives you peace of mind knowing that you are going to love how you look, but LOVE how you are going to look FOREVER! A preview appointment is not just about preparing you and your skin but also about consultation, getting to know your makeup artist/ hair stylist, having a proper eyebrow consultation – because what good is a makeup consultation without having your brows done? To me, it’s like going for a pedicure and not having your nails painted.

Knowledge is Key- Now days most of us know how to apply our own makeup, but makeup for Photography is SO different. Your makeup artist should know exactly what will work and how the makeup will photograph on camera. The products that they use should not be brought from clicks!!!!

A good makeup artist has knowledge on colour theory and techniques that will suit your skin tone and enhance your best features while hiding your worst and have all the products in their kit that will guarantee that your makeup stays on all day (and all night long). They will have extensive knowledge of products, ingredients and how they interact with each other and ON CAMERA!!

They should be able to match and blend your foundation flawlessly and make a photographers editing life a DREAM by not them not having to Photoshop or colour correct. A good makeup artist and hair stylist LISTENS to their clients wants and needs and doesn’t just create the same look on each person.

A Professional stylist will work with you to create a timeline that fits your day, create a fun and relaxed environment and most of all be the person that made you look the way you always dreamt about on YOUR day.




Why skimp on your HAIR AND MAKEUP???

Like many other industries, you get what you pay for.

If you’re ok with letting someone without experience or a proper kit do your hair and makeup, then you should be ok with looking like a friend did your hair and makeup. It definitely boils down to experience, high quality products and knowledge and unfortunately this cannot be faked and quite frankly isn’t worth the mismatched foundation and average photos.

The absolute biggest luxury and benefit from hiring a professional makeup artist and hair stylist is PEACE OF MIND. This is your special day, so sit back and let the professional do the work!



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